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          Guangzhou Zhenshilong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established June 3, 1993, is located  Gudong industrial zone,Shawan town,Panyu district. The factory covers an area of ??8,600 square meters,  R & D, manufacturing, sales integration, owns a professional senior engineers to provide you with a full range of proven solutions, is China's production chain equipment, the most professional jewelry decorative chain equipment, wire forming equipment, stainless steel forming and welding equipment and is currently the largest manufacturers.
          The company of "quality, sincere service", to "forge ahead, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, focusing on product quality and after-sale at the Treasury. Wide range of products through the ISO9001 certification, 50% of products are exported to overseas markets (Kingpin: Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa), word of mouth fifteen years, market share has occupied a leading position in the industry reputation. We wholeheartedly welcome the arrival of domestic and foreign merchants, to create a better future...[MORE]
        Contact:Mr. Chen Mobile:13802784129 Tel:020 -84731022
        QQ:596019580 E-mail:channelweld@163.com Webmaster
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